About Us

Specialists in Custom Ultrasonic Transducers

Spark Transducers is a New Zealand based technology company with offices in Auckland and Wellington. Our highly experienced team comprises of experts in acoustics, array transducers, mechanical design and micro fabrication.

Spark Transducers is equipped with the latest equipment for manufacturing precision ceramic and piezo composites. We are able to grind, lap, dice, etch, and shape all types of materials to extremely tight tolerances.

High density interconnects and small scale features can be fabricated using state of the art equipment in our clean room and micro fabrication facility.

Rather than producing off the shelf ultrasonic transducers for the masses, we focus on speciality areas where larger companies put customer requirements in the too hard basket or don’t perceive there to be enough commercial gain.


If you are an organisation who needs niche transducers or you simply need help solving a complex problem, we would love to hear from you!